Mullberry Street was staged as a the featured Presentation of New Work at the INTAGLIO Productions 7/19 Event on July 19, 2018.


Written by New York playwright Jerry Strivelli (additional music my Olga Astphan Zara), Mulberry Street is a nostalgic slice-of-life play set in NYC’s Little Italy during the 1950s. This original musical spotlights the Caruso family, fruit peddlers, who emigrated from Italy to find a new life in America. The play covers a period of two years as we watch the first generation Caruso children get caught between old-world tradition and new-world America. Mulberry Street is a heart warming musical that will make you tap your toes, laugh out loud, choke back a tear, and lift your spirit.

"The show was so beautifully performed and sung, it really deserves a much wider audience. Truly, [playwright Jerry Strivelli] wrote a touching, emotional, lovely play." — Carolyn DAmico Cueno



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